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Magical Mermaid Cake!

After a 6 month break from creating magical cakes, I decided to find some time to make something extra special. I had really begun to miss my fondant!

It just so happened, the next day I was asked if I could make a mermaid cake for Elodie – as well as perform at her birthday! Mermaid cakes are one of my favourites as I absolutely love making all the little underwater details :)


RRP Elodie (41 of 251)-XL

I especially love creating special cakes for little girls when I will be attending their party as I love seeing the looks on their faces as I arrive  (as Fairy Twinkletoes!) with a cake that I’ve been working so hard on all week! Their smiles are priceless!

In this instance, I actually delivered the cake the night before, so Miss Elodie thought I flew from Fairyland overnight to drop off her cake while she was sleeping!


RRP Elodie (37 of 251)-M

Of course, being at the party means I also get to watch the cake be cut up and eaten!

RRP Elodie (15 of 251)-XL

Elodie’s cake was a delicious chocolate mudcake, layered with chocolate ganache and made with love! The “sand” on top was raw sugar! All of her underwater creatures are completely edible, but I do hope she decided to save one or two before someone ate them!

My mermaid cakes are inspired by the talented Bella Cupcakes :)

For more of my cake creations, please visit http://www.facebook.com/MagicalCakesByFairyTwinkletoes

These beautiful photos of my first creation for 2013 were taken by Red Rabbit Photography