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What People Are Saying…

We invited Fairy Twinkletoes to come along…she has performed for Obama at the White House seven years in a row and there’s a reason Obama had her back seven years.. it’s an amazing story of a Fairy Princess, it’s a great story, she should be on TV!! Incredible story…great entertainer, Twinkletoes – what can I say, she gets laughs, my three year old sat down in rapture for an hour!

— Dave “Hughesy” Hughes on radio

Thank you for making Siena’s 5th birthday such a magical day. She had a wonderful party, and loved meeting you after having heard so much about you from her big sister (who you visited 10 years earlier)!! All of Siena’s little fairy friends are still talking about your magic today at kinder.

Gorgeous moment when Siena woke up Sunday morning after her party and the first words she spoke were ‘but how did Fairy Twinkletoes sneeze a doughnut’? She said she had the most beautiful dream where she met you in the Fairy Garden and you both sang and danced together. You were amazing, from start to finish, and we cannot thank you enough.

It was an absolute pleasure having you back to our house 10 years later. The whole Twinkletoes experience was such a pleasure … From our initial contact and your prompt email responses, to the lovely fairy letter Siena received in the mail, her very special telephone call from you on her birthday (the day before her party) and the fabulous magic show, we could not have asked for anything more.

Sophie and her friend thoroughly enjoyed the party as well. The connection you make with the kids the minute you arrive is so very unique. They all loved you.

Many thanks Fairy Twinkletoes. You were amazing. We are so grateful that our younger daughter now also has beautiful memories of her very special Fairy Twinkletoes birthday party (just as her big sister does).

Wishing you every happiness for the future.

— Amanda Ehlert

georgiaHi Melanie, aka Fairy Twinkletoes,

A very BIG thank you for the BEST birthday party a little girl could ever dream of. Georgia had the most AMAZING day yesterday! She was thrilled to finally meet the real fairy that she had been speaking to on the phone. You are truly the most amazing fairy entertainer. All of the children adored you…even Gabe, Jai and of course myself! You are so colorful, warm and oh so funny! You had us all laughing well after you had left.

All the adults were baffled with your magic tricks as were the children! I don’t think I’ve heard the word AMAZING so many times in a day!

Georgia was beaming the entire day! Her smile and laughter is something I will cherish forever and she will never forget the day when Fairy Twinkletoes came to visit her!

We have had a chance to watch the show on DVD and it was…AMAZING! LOL we laughed so much and Georgia laughed just as much the second time seeing it.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my party decorating, I just wanted everything to be soooo perfect! And, between the two of us…I think we pulled off the best party EVER! LOL

Georgia can’t stop talking about you. she has already posted a thank you letter to you in the garden and my Mother’s Day card was decorated with a drawing of the three of us…awww so cute!

So just once again a very big thank you for ALL of your help with Georgia’s party and her tooth! We could not have fixed it without you!

We all really hope to see you again some day, you’ll forever have a special place in Georgia’s heart…and in ours!

Lots of love.

— The Whole Groza Family

Fairy Twinkletoes, you are truly the best!!! Emma will never forget her 5th birthday, it was beyond magical! I can’t thank you enough. You made her day so very special, it makes me misty eyed just thinking about how much joy Emma (and all the girls) got from the day.

You have such a beautiful and lovely way about you. Thank you for all that you did above and beyond the show to make her day so special. Emma has been wearing her new fairy wings and headband every day – if she could manage to sleep in them she wouldn’t ever take them off! Each one of the little girls had an absolute ball. I’ve had many Mom’s reporting back that their little girls can’t stop talking about Fairy Twinkletoes. One Mom said her little girl has been carrying around her Sweet Dream Card, with your picture on it, gazing at it lovingly and saying “I just love Fairy Twinkletoes!”.

The joy is immense. How wonderful as a child to have one exceptionally fun and special birthday.. the show was incredible, you did so much more than I could have ever imagined, and all the time that you spent afterwards. We so appreciate everything.

The parents loved it too! They had many belly laughs of their own :) We would so love to have Fairy Twinkletoes back for Jaimie’s 5th birthday next year and I hope you’ll be around :)

— Niome, Stephen, Emma and Jaimie Wood, Mount Eliza

Hi Melanie,

I have never in my life seen a performance like it! Seeing those beautiful expressions on the children’s faces and our daughters’ in particular, was worth a million dollars to us. Just absolutely priceless!

Thank you soooooooooooo much for the wonderful entertainment you provided at Joanna’s 6th birthday party!

You created such an inspiring and friendly atmosphere for all of us, adults included! I can’t tell you the amount of positive feedback we have received from all the parents! You are a true professional and have made me personally believe in the fairies again.

You have such a gorgeous personality and we felt as though we had known you for years. It was almost as though you could have been one of our family members.

The girls can’t wait to see you again soon!

Thank you, thank you and thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts!

We too look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future…

— Love Andrea and Nick Ckuj, Pascoe Vale South

Hi Fairy Twinkletoes,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you once again for Henrietta’s fabulous party today – you made a little girl’s dreams come true. Henrietta absolutely believed that a real fairy had come to her house, she is just enchanted by the whole experience. I couldn’t have asked for more, your show is fantastic and you are the consummate professional… It really was the most perfect party I could have imagined.. the kids shrieking with delight – absolute pure joy. But the best part, Hettie really believed that a real live fairy, who could do real magic, had come to visit her and that Hettie could even do some magic too! It really was priceless!.. The whole party was enchanting.

Big hugs.

— Cree Oliver, Sandringham

Dear Melanie,

Where do I even begin to thank you for truly making Paris’s 4th birthday very, very special?

Firstly, you arrive in miserable weather and as soon as you appeared at our front door it was as if the sun was shining!!

I have never seen Paris laugh and squeal with so much delight. Paris is still talking about “Fairy Twinkletoes” and “Rufus” the Sheepdog – and how you magically sneeze donuts! She is still sleeping with your postcard under her pillow – and the “Fairy Flower” is also wrapped around her bed head.

With the weather against us, you managed to not only entertain 28 children with complete ease and confidence.. you had all of the parents enthralled as well! I had every parent comment (even today I am still getting phone calls) how wonderful you were and that every single child was engaged, delighted and entertained.

You have a unique and special gift Melanie, and my husband and I cannot express our appreciation in turning what could have been complete chaos with 28 children into a hugely successful birthday party for one extremely happy 4 year old.

Our day and lives on Sunday were certainly all the brighter for having you part of the day.

Wishing you continued success always,

Kind Regards,

— Lisa Coulson, East Malvern

Dearest Melanie,

You are one of life’s treasures!! Thank you so much for being the guest of honour at Steppy’s party yesterday! Both Natalie and Steppy had smiles from ear to ear which gave Craig and me the biggest buzz of all!!! We can’t thank you enough!! The look of pure delight on our girls’ faces will be a treasured memory forever!! .. The girls are already talking about the next time you come to visit! Thanks again!

Lots of love,

— Laura Kermond, Malvern East

Dear Melanie,

Outstanding!!! You had them from “Hello”!

Thank you for not only bringing my very shy and sometimes fragile Danae out of her shell, but we have just finished watching the video of the party and you had my 47 year old husband laughing from start to end!

My friends commented all through the party how wonderful you were, one even stating “I love Fairy Twinkletoes, she will be coming to all of our parties!”.

Anyone who came to the party and who have called here today have all commented on your magical performance. You are truly amazing, extremely professional and absolutely stunning.

From me personally, I knew you were brilliant from the time of your very first call. I did not even have to meet you to know I was in very good “Fairy hands”. Danae was thrilled to have spoken with you on the phone, then to find her letter in the garden (your suggestion) that included information about herself and, finally, the sweet dream card for her under her pillow, really helped for her to have a connection with you before the day of her party.

You have an extremely unique gift and I am thrilled to have been lucky enough to have you attend our daughter’s 4th birthday party. I wish you all the best for your trip to perform at the White House in Washington DC and look forward to seeing you again!

With many thanks and total admiration,

— Nicki and Andrew Lazarus, North Ringwood

Dear Twinkletoes,

We wanted to say a big fairy thank you for all the magic you spread for our son Domi’s 5th birthday! He was truly enchanted from the moment the special fairy letter came which just heightened his excitement right until the day of his birthday! He was especially thrilled to be able to talk to you on the phone before his party.. you succeeded n becoming his number one fairy! (His 7 year old brother was intrigued as well and wanted the scoop on the tooth fairy!!)

On the day you were amazing – you captivated both the boys and girls (and their parents!) with magic and fun. As host of the party, you made my role effortless as you entertained everyone and kept the show rolling right through to the end. I was further delighted when you stayed far longer than required to enable us to take special fairy pictures with my baby who woke up just in time. :)

I experienced so much joy seeing the world through my son’s eyes, a world full of fairies and magic with sparkles and glitter, funny puppets, hilarious donut sneezes and rainbow wands. You have given my son a beautiful party that he will always remember and you have given me something infinitely more precious – you enabled me to see through that secret window into a world which I have not visited since I was a child – a world full of colours and light, where magic is possible and fairies flit from flower to flower.

For all this, I thank you,

— Rachel Morley, East Malvern

Dear Twinkletoes,

Phoebe had a wonderful 6th birthday!!!

I’ve been to a few children’s parties and never have I heard so much laughter, seen so much happiness and the children were amazed, captivated and enthralled for the whole hour.

The happiest I ever see children is when they are being entertained by you.

She absolutely loved you and your sensational magic tricks, of which she is still talking about!

Phoebe asked me to check behind her ears before bed just to make sure there were love hearts still magically hiding there!!! How cute!!! She thinks it was the most special birthday ever and would like you to come back for her 7th birthday!!!! She really loved you so much. You filled her heart with happiness, love and light.

You are brilliant at what you do, you have a beautiful gift which makes children’s faces and hearts light up with happiness. You truly are a very special fairy!!!

Phoebe and Jessica simply adore you, and I am so pleased that you have become a special part of their world.

I think you lead the most beautiful life. Bringing joy to children is such a wonderful thing, and you do it so brilliantly. As I tell everyone, I think you are the closest to a real fairy that I have ever seen!! In your heart I’m sure you are one!!

The trip to the magic convention in the States was soooo worth it just for the sneezing donut trick!!!!! You have become the legendary fairy who “neezes” a donut – to quote a 3 year old, of course, then followed by giggles!

Thank you for making Phoebe’s day so special, it is one she will remember and cherish forever! Her party was special in every way.

— Kerry Buckley, Williamstown

Dear Twinkletoes,

Thank you so much for making Meg’s 4th birthday party such a wonderful success!

I have never seen Meg so engaged, animated and laugh so hard!!!

Meg was so happy afterwards, and Pete and I would catch her smiling to herself and we would ask her what she was laughing about and it would be that “Twinkletoes was so funny and did magical tricks” or “Rufus was berry, berry cheeky”, so we think you did an absolutely outstanding job… thank you for giving Meg and everyone else such a memorable birthday party!

You have a truly magical gift which there should be more of in this world!!

We shall never forget this magical 4th birthday party for Meg!

Best wishes always,

— Meg, Francie, Pete and Max Wills, Forest Hill

Dear Fairy Twinkletoes,

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at Jaimeson’s 3rd birthday party! I don’t think I have ever heard so much giggling.. and not only from the kids. Her Poppy Arthur (73) thought you were hysterical, Grandma nearly had to restrain him!

All of the kids loved you and a great day was had by all. Jaimeson thinks you are the best fairy in the world!

My mum was reduced to tears when Jam ran to you and gave you a cuddle and held your hand – I had shown her photos of you leading up to the big day and I think you made a very special impression.

You will definitely be back next year (although she wants you to live with us forever and help you with your very special fairy garden, she thinks we can start one at our house next to the big mushroom) and we look forward to it!

Thanks again,

— Jacki Plant (Jaimeson’s Mum), Kyneton

Dear Melanie,

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful entertainment you provided at Taia’s party on Sunday – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many kids so involved in watching someone perform!

You have a unique gift – Lisa and I knew all the girls from her class would love you.. but the boys were enjoying it just as much!!

Taia and Emily are both very happy-go-lucky girls but I don’t think I’ve ever seen both of them laugh so much! (Em even had the full on belly laugh going!)

We watched the video back Sunday night and both Taia and Em were still laughing just as hard watching you again – even Lisa, Lisa’s Mum and myself found you so highly entertaining the second time around!

Taia’s school friends were still talking about you the next day and we couldn’t rave enough about you to the other parents.

As I said previously, you have a magic/special gift to entertain children (and adults, for that matter) and we simply can’t thank you enough for making Taia’s birthday party one she will never forget.

Emily is already looking forward to her birthday party in a couple of years time.. we can’t wait to have you back. (Em went to sleep Sunday night saying she missed “Twinkletoes” – so you made a huge impression on her).

Enjoy your busy schedule and take care of yourself,

Kindest regards,

— Dave and Lisa O’Brien, Sunbury

Dear Melanie,

Thank you so much for the most wonderful day yesterday! We were so amazed and thrilled with everything you did! Lottie had the most beautiful celebration. It was wonderful to see her eyes shining in delight during the whole party.

We have already had so many messages from her friends’ Mums to say thank you and what a wonderful time the children all had! We couldn’t believe how the minute you stepped in the door you absolutely captivated not only the 4 year olds but also the older children and the parents too.

Your show was so energetic, funny and perfectly pictched to the children. The face painting and balloon animals were just lovely and it was so special that you stayed for Happy Birthday and cutting the cake.. in fact we’re sure you stayed much longer than you should have done, because you were so generous in your interactions with all the children.

We knew you would be good, but you really did surpass all our expectations and those of our friends.

Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable afternoon. Lottie has already watched the video this morning and I dare say it will be worn out within a matter of days!

We are attaching some photos for you and we’re sure that we’ll see you again :)

With kind regards and many thanks,

— Scott, Madeleine, Isie, Sophie and especially Lottie, Kew

Dear Melanie,

Bruce and I cannot thank you enough for making Xiara’s 4th birthday party such a special occasion.

Xiara has never stopped talking about you since she met you at the school fair at the start of the year and you made all her dreams come true by coming to her party!

Bruce and I were a bit concerned as Xiara is not one who enjoys being the centre of attention but you handled her beautifully!

You had all the children spellbound and you managed them like a true expert!

All the children had the time of their lives, I have never seen so many smiles, nor heard so much hysterical giggling – even the boys were entranced!

I would also like to thank you for the professional way you have conducted yourself from start to finish.. your attention to detail is outstanding.. I had complete confidence in you from our very first phone call.

Bruce and I put a lot of work into our children’s birthdays to make them memorable for them; I am sure that Xiara’s 4th birthday will be one she always remembers thanks to you.

Yours sincerely,

— Melinda Neilson, Mount Eliza

Dear Fairy Twinkletoes,

We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for making Kaitlyn’s 6th birthday party such a magical event!

She loved every minute that you were there and entertained not only her but all her friends with such ease and obvious enjoyment! It was lovely that you could include her little brother Ethan into the performance and many now claim he became the star of the show!!!

All of her friends and their mums have been saying how much they enjoyed your show and would love you to make a special visit to their own next party!!

..Everyone commented on how relaxed I seemed.. well, with such a great fairy in our house, it was easy!!

Thank you again and we hope to see you at our next party!

— Suzette and Kaitlyn Stones, Narre Warren North

Dear Melanie,

Thanks again for doing such a fabulous job – everyone was raving about you!

Noel, the girls and I snuggled up on the couch this afternoon to play back the video of your great performance!

It’s especially great that now Mia has fond memories of a wonderful party at the new house here. I think memories of the good times at our little old place in Mont Albert North were a bit hard for her to let go of.. and her Twinkletoes party last year, with you performing in the old bungalow out the back, was a big part of those memories!!

It was an absolutely wonderful party (and in many ways, a special housewarming for Mia to have had you here) – thanks again! It was lovely to have you back to entertain.

You really do have quite a gift with both performing and kids!

Thanks again for helping us fill the new home with laughter!

— Jenny Jenkins, Bulleen

Dear Melanie,

Thank you so much for Saturday!!!!!!! You are absolutely sensational!!!!! …

Aurora literally had the best time of her life on Saturday and can’t bring herself to take her wings off. All the feedback from our friends has been wonderful and everybody had an incredible time.

Thank you so much for making Aurora’s birthday party so memorable and such a success. I have to tell you that when I went to close my eyes to go sleep that night I was flooded by images of butterflies and fairies and I knew that we had been visited by a very magical and special fairy.

Best wishes,

— Fiona Burnett, St Kilda

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to thank you for such a great day on Sunday. You were everything I imagined and even more. The first time I spoke to you on the phone your enthusiasm and passion were very apparent and I just knew you would be spectacular. I certainly enjoyed every moment and the memories of my daughter’s 1st birthday party are ones I will cherish forever.

You were fantastic with the children and they absolutely loved you. Everything about your performance was brilliant; from your costume, to your magic, to the face painting etc etc. Both children and adults were talking about you long after you had left and I am sure they will remember you for a long time to come. I have attached a photo of you and Sienna to add to your collection.

Thanks again for a great day and we look forward to seeing you at many more of Sienna’s birthday parties. Good luck with your future endeavours, you are a very talented young woman and very passionate about what you do.

Best of luck,

— Linda DiNorcia and little Sienna

rufusinbag4Dear Fairy Twinkletoes,

Words cannot describe how amazing you were today. You kept all our little guests totally captivated by your presence and magic. I have never seen a performer so in love with their work, it truly shows. You were so kind to the children and you made Holly feel so special, she will remember this day for a very long time.

All the parents too, loved having you entertain their children. You have an amazing gift. In the lead up to the party today, you also had me totally enthralled with our emails and the imagination that you conveyed, in some of the imagination you used in your emails, you had me revisiting my childhood as a little girl!

I truly hope I will see you again soon.

..One of the gifts Holly received today from her grandparents ‘Ma and Papa’ was a ‘Fairy Door’, I am sure you would have seen them! It is all set up and Holly is waiting for you to come through the door!

— Lisa Commandeur, Greensborough

Dear Melanie,

It’s four months after Nicole’s 3rd birthday.. and I wanted to let you know she has a photo in a frame in her bedroom of you holding her. She takes the frame to bed with her and talks to you as she falls asleep. I find her asleep on top of the photo.

It was a wonderful day, all the kids enjoyed themselves so much, and the adults too. You did a wonderful job with the children, they all loved you.. especially the birthday girl. You really made her day and she was obviously in her element. She has been talking about it since, to everyone she sees. Nicole is still insisting to wear her wings, flying around like a fairy and telling everyone she meets about her birthday party and the fairy that went back to Fairyland.

So thank you again.. you are a wonderful fairy!

PS. This is a photo of Nicole, sleeping with her teddies – and a picture of you! It’s so cute, I couldn’t resist this Kodak Moment!

All the best in Fairyland,

— Soulla Sweetman, Wheelers Hill

Hi there Melanie (Fairy Twinkletoes),

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to my daughter Tiana’s 2nd B’day!

The kids had a wonderful time and so did the adults, the kids thought it was great, it was gorgeous see them laughing so hard. I thought the things that you did were just brilliant.. you have a fantastic presence about you.

Also I am glad that my son Kyle just enjoyed you being here, he was telling all of his friends how magical you are, and how clever you are with your magic tricks, you really catered for all of the different ages and you did not leave one child out, no matter how confident or shy they were!

Well, to sum all of this up, we think that Twinkletoes is the best fairy ever and we hope that you will be able to fly past our way again for Tiana’s 3rd B’day next year!

P.S. Tiana also received your beautiful letter and Kyle was so happy to be acknowledged on the letter as well, and it is such a beautiful keepsake!


— Sharon, Terry, Kyle and Tiana King, Montrose

Dear Twinkletoes,

We were thrilled to have you at Ruby’s 4th birthday party and all those sleeps with your picture under Ruby’s pillow over the last 18 months made it all the more exciting to have her favourite fairy celebrate! We are still raving about you to all the friends and family.. you left quite an impression on everybody! Ruby still hasn’t stopped talking about the party and I think she would love a party every day if you were to come along!

— John and Jackie Sculley, Port Melbourne

luka1Thank you for making Luka’s 6th birthday such a joyous occasion; he declared it was “the best party ever”! Your show was such fun and it was wonderful to hear all the children laughing and squealing with delight! Thank you so much for your professionalism and dedication.

— Dianne von Rechenberg & family, Williamstown

Dear Twinkletoes,

Well, I can now understand every single one of the gorgeous letters on your website!

You have easily topped the best party list for Emily and her friends! I actually had one of the Mums come over to tell me it was the best party she had been to all year – and she has been to about 23 parties!

We were thrilled that Emily (and William!) were made to feel so special on her 6th birthday and are certainly expecting to see you at another party in the future!

..Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!!!

Much love,

— The O’Briens’, Arthurs Creek

“Dearest dearest Melanie, I can not thank you enough for making Scarlett’s 5th birthday sooo special. I know it is hard to believe but with large groups of people Scarlett is very reserved and although she is having fun finds it difficult to express this. But you and your fairy magic were able to make her be so engaged in what was happening that every time I looked at her she was relaxed, giggling, laughing, smiling and having some serious fun.

Your talent is amazing Melanie and you are a credit to your Fairy Godmother!!

All of the children including William and his friends had a great time, even getting some paint work at the end left me feeling so impressed that your magic really has no limits!!!

I think one of my favourite parts is watching the hilarity when you do the switcheroo with the vegemite and peanut butter! The children get so engrossed and it’s so fun to watch. Oh and Rufus blowing up the balloon and then getting airborne – just so funny!

— Sarah, Scott, William and Scarlett Downie

For the past 8 years you have brought a smile to every single new preppy’s face at prep orientation. You are engaging, energetic and full of magical mystery. The teachers are always as captivated as the students! A wonderful start to our very exciting Prep year, thank you Fairy Twinkletoes!

— Southmoor Primary School

We are always guaranteed the greatest belly laughs every  time you visit us, thank you!

— Keilor Gatehouse Pre-school