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Hospital visit with Challenge – Supporting Kids With Cancer

I had a beautiful visit with some friends of mine and made lots of new friends as well. The Royal Children’s Hospital does a truly amazing job in keeping my little friends busy and distracted during their stay.









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Sashie’s Party!

I truly cannot begin to explain how big a smile I have when parents send me beautiful photos from their little girl’s Twinkletoes parties! They just warm my heart!!

“Sashie had such a magical birthday!!! Thank you so very much!! Her party was the talk of the town..” Robyn Curry




Truly adorable and a beautiful family.. thank you so much for inviting me!

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Josie’s Magical Visit!

I had the honour of being invited to entertain Josie and her friends for her magical 5th birthday party! She was so excited when I arrived that she couldn’t stop jumping up and down – with her arms outstretched and shaking!!! I just knew we were in for an absolutely beautiful party!

“.. I don’t think you can underestimate the joy your attention has brought her.. she is definitely full of love and joy after the party.. it really is a gift, as parents, to see her so full of delight.. thank you so very much, tou do important and very magical work.,”

Di and Justin  Parcell



Josie Parcell




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A letter from the White House..

Just checking my fairy-mail.. I am so lucky to get letters and pictures from little boys and girls around Melbourne every day! Sometimes I’m even sent sticky lollies and lollipops along with drawings of Fairy Twinkletoes and Rufus, my cheeky puppet dog!

I have the most beautiful scrapbook made up of 9 years of  gorgeous fairy-mail! It’s hard to believe that some of my little pen pals are teenagers already – wow!

Sitting in with all of my other fairy-mail today was a large yellow envelope from the White House, Washington DC :) What a lovely surprise!


20130518142909620 (1)


While I am definitely more at home with my smaller, living room parties here in Melbourne, I do get a little excited to receive a letter like this!



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A special visit for Emily!

It’s always extra special to perform for a friend’s little girl! I met Katherine on my cake forum and had the honour of being invited to entertain at her daughter’s 5th birthday party :)

“From the moment you walked through the door you had the children (& adults) captivated! I loved watching Emily’s reactions to your magical show – I thought her cheeks would burst she was laughing so much!” Katherine Dalton






What an adorable little girl and a truly magical party!

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Magical Mermaid Cake!

After a 6 month break from creating magical cakes, I decided to find some time to make something extra special. I had really begun to miss my fondant!

It just so happened, the next day I was asked if I could make a mermaid cake for Elodie – as well as perform at her birthday! Mermaid cakes are one of my favourites as I absolutely love making all the little underwater details :)


RRP Elodie (41 of 251)-XL

I especially love creating special cakes for little girls when I will be attending their party as I love seeing the looks on their faces as I arrive  (as Fairy Twinkletoes!) with a cake that I’ve been working so hard on all week! Their smiles are priceless!

In this instance, I actually delivered the cake the night before, so Miss Elodie thought I flew from Fairyland overnight to drop off her cake while she was sleeping!


RRP Elodie (37 of 251)-M

Of course, being at the party means I also get to watch the cake be cut up and eaten!

RRP Elodie (15 of 251)-XL

Elodie’s cake was a delicious chocolate mudcake, layered with chocolate ganache and made with love! The “sand” on top was raw sugar! All of her underwater creatures are completely edible, but I do hope she decided to save one or two before someone ate them!

My mermaid cakes are inspired by the talented Bella Cupcakes :)

For more of my cake creations, please visit http://www.facebook.com/MagicalCakesByFairyTwinkletoes

These beautiful photos of my first creation for 2013 were taken by Red Rabbit Photography


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Elodie’s Twinkletoes Party!

What an exciting party this was! Little Elodie was turning 4 and I was invited to help make her day extra magical!

From her gorgeous dress right down to her brand new fairy wings, matching wand and sparkly headband (from my Fairy Godmother, of course!) she looked like a true little birthday fairy!


RRP Elodie (134 of 251)-MLARGE

“You were a superstar, thank you so much! A magical time was had by all!” Erica Hall

A perfect celebration for Miss Elodie, her big sister Imogen and all of their family and friends!

Gorgeous  photos were taken by Red Rabbit Photography -http://www.facebook.com/RedRabbitAustralia

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Magical visits for pre-schools, kinders and schools!

Some of my favourite performances are at pre-schools, kinders and schools!

I’ve just printed some beautiful fairy flyers for these events! If you would like me to send one to you please email me at fairy@fairytwinkletoes.com.au or call on 0403 386 540 :)

The children become the stars of the show and help make all the magic happen.. plus balloon animals and basic face painting for everyone!

I combine amazing magic, enchanting puppetry, big laughs and hilarious surprises for a completely engaging and highly interactive experience!

Magical visits are perfect for:

* Pre-school, kinder and prep incursions

* End of term and end of year parties

* Holiday programs

* Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations

* Prep transition and orientation activities..

or for a magical day at any time of the year!




“We are always guaranteed the greatest belly laughs every time you visit”
Keilor Gatehouse Pre-School

“The boys were squealing with delight”
Wattle Hill Kinder

“For the past 8 years you have brought a smile to every single new preppy’s face! You are engaging, energetic and full of magical mystery. The teachers are always as captivated as the students! A wonderful start to our very exciting Prep year. Thank you Fairy Twinkletoes”
Southmoor Primary School, Prep Transition




“A whimsical day of fun and fantasy, your visit made it such and enchanting and magical experience for them all”
Loreto Mandeville Hall

“The littlies went home that night with tales of magical fun and antics, they are still talking about you with great excitement”
Wesley College

“As always, we were all on such a high from your performance.. hilarious fun!”
Auburn South Pre-school

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Welcome to my Fairy Twinkletoes blog.. and Mia’s party!

Hello to all of my old friends and welcome to my new ones! I hope to be seeing you all at a birthday party or kinder some time very soon!

I plan to keep all of my fairy friends updated on my public shows, visits to the Children’s Hospital and all things magical in this fairy blog :)


I had the most wonderful weekend of fairy parties and received a beautiful photo of Fairy Mia, sitting on top of her sparkly mushroom – I just can’t stop smiling every time I look at it!

What a beautiful time we had with her big sister, Fairy Abby and all of their little guests! :)



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